Cat #: KNV005
Format: 12″ / Digital
Artwork: Maren Karlson
May 2017


v1984, real name Christopher Ramos, is of Korean/Filipino descent and the title ‘Pansori’ reflects his Korean heritage. It has the dual translation of a ‘gathering place for sound’ and it specifically refers to traditional storytelling, which in turn is a neat description of the EP.

Musically the EP references both the classical music Christopher studied as a child and contemporary electronic music, but it’s shattered and smeared into unusual shapes that are, in the more abstract tracks, his musical interpretation of lucid dreaming. Even the club ready tracks have an element of the sublime, such as ‘Too Much’ which sounds like a synthetic take on the emotional soundtracks of Joe Hisaishi with crafted contemporary hip hop beats woven in, or the damp neon melancholy of ‘Aria of Dawn’ which colours a mood with a simple gentle glassy melody over tip-tapping drums.

As with every Knives release, visual communication is an integral part of this project. Berlin-based Maren Karlson’s illustrative practice is absurd, technically sharp and walks a fine line between beauty and the corruption of aesthetics. Maren has provided the artwork for ‘Pansori’, and these traits align perfectly with Christopher’s compositions. Christopher says of the EP’s imagery: “There was something immediately beautiful, yet maybe a bit unsettling as well, that felt quite tangible to me and resonated within my work. For me, the image depicts some of these moments, between the real and unreal, like lucid dreaming.”

SPfiNAL-TAP-re-JUVENescence - v1984/Pansori/KNV005
Too Much - v1984/Pansori/KNV005