Mechanics of Overflow, Ushered Across a Feed The object is set to scale through precise consensus. Its operation is scaled exactly in relation to its potential user. The user and object are aligned in a dance of interface-ability.

The relationship between user and object is more or less an augmentation of existing parameters. Prospective in nature, the user redesigns the object as a device. The device responds to the user as the user steers the device. The machinate dualism of the user and device is intelligent in its interlaced threading, and breeds intelligence through its gait.

The design of the user-device relationship is tantamount as it corrales information into an assemblage of marked experience. This tethering, a cooled maneuver of pointed and economic exchanges, is the mode within which intelligence wades. It is microbial in its flow and alacritous in its growth.

The device illustrates the user. The device auto-intelligently recoils in reflexive response to the user. The gear controlled exchange between user and device is monistic, embryonic. Tectonic, interlocking impedimenta of minor level connect the user and device in synaptic tissue, patterning itself into vapor. The vapor contains the labor of the user and the exhaust of the device.

This micro-encumbrance of the connection, acceptance and release of the user and device’s involvement stitches a quilt-like substance equal to a climate. Abstract, the woven re-engineerable faux-solidity that is the vapor composed of the user’s subjectivity unfurls outward onto the climate’s smeared overlay, embedded in quasi-cybernetic restraint.

Born of the combined labor of the object-turn-device via the ever-engineering and re-engineering hand of the user, the feed filters these occurrences, populates the climate’s network, influencing the technique of the user and the possibility of the device. The feed organizes user-interaction in non-tactical conditions spawning growth with results not yet seen. The feed, though moving, is moved by the user, and the device sculpts in regards to its own shape. Terminal feedback undermines conscious causality. Intelligence is installed into, just as it is born from necessary discourse within the operational mode of growth.

The user is presumably an animal, intentionally striving to re-engineer the world as to prolong its existence. Utilized as a device by the user, the object is positioned as a link between modes of being and none. That is, the immaterial is made material through the collection and design of the combined labor of the user and the device. Each point - user, object-turn-device, space - experiences a momentary strength as mover, though consistently locked in a causal chain. The flow of responsibility is passed between the user, object-turn-device and space to ensure that tubular depression expels and collects into vapor, which spins out and into the climate to locate and invest in an ambiance.. Thus conditioning and steering the user, expands or collapses in rhythm with the curvature of the space in which the cycle occurs.

One layer up, attached by a slither of a thread of synaptic voltage, the feed records the occurrences and plants them like a seed into a loosely constructed platform, a conjugate flock. The platform structures the protocol by which the product of the device and the user succumb. The quarreling micro-narratives of the user and device’s actions through the platform presents a trail of deposited moments as present. The protocol is put on display. Intelligence spawns.

Protocol, the mechanics of existence, is too dense a sea; full with information, purge and exfoliate and reify into a unified subjectivity that alters the flow of life into a feasible objecthood.

The user’s hand turns the earth, and cultivates it by the entangled macro-narrative of the feed, thus specified by the discourse of the micro-narratives once mined. The object-turn-device begins to look back at the user, no longer needing to be lifted, no longer needing to be commanded. The user and object-turn-device dance together, are mended in familiarity. The user no longer acts but is in its object-turn-device’s function and in its enaction of said function.

Allness, the beauty of micro/macro-oscillatory narratives crush the user in a transpositional and immaterial flexing. Anxiety courses through the user, concentrates on its lower register, rolls its way through the user’s limbs, situates itself in its fingers; eyes low.

The platform is similar in its engulfing and development of the user. The platform codes the territory of the user's gaze and reach and drives the user’s hands into movement. The user does not consider or calculate, the object-turn-device, through the protocol of the platform, prescribes movement. The severance of thought from act nudges the user towards erratic adaptability. Zones of ownership dissolve and disperse.

Viewing the future not as a future-present but as a heterogeneous other, the user’s anxiety slips towards trauma. Abused by its own process, the user balloons into imminent failure at the hands of its own outsourcing. The user's labor is non-distinct from that of its device. Populates, without end.

With the ecstasy of production, the joy of furtherance corrupted, muted chokes indicate the building, bubbling bile of the user's overstock breaching capacity. Production ceases, but labor continues without limits. Products spill out, the user's desire to produce overcomes its need to stabilize, loses itself to the pleasure of the process of making.

The user is obscured by its own viscosity. The user flails in a flood of its own. The feed ceases to filter; oozing, gushing, billowing data, guts and warps and disembowels the path of the user.

The video for ‘Dust’, overlain by the text ‘Mechanics of Overflow, Ushered Across a Feed’, extends the ideas found in ‘Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess’ into a movement of near tangible landscapes and scenarios, stitched together from user impressions of what Bataille called ‘monstrous architecture.’ Grotesque in its unconscious emergence, the architecture of which Bataille speaks is one of global superintelligence, trained through the earth’s lifetime into a structured material of spatial performances. Contemporary design borrowing from ‘irrational' sources lead to a chaotic self-assessment and dismantle—the global unconscious attempts to distinguish itself from, to create, architectural referents, identities to establish and legitimize its social intelligence and spatial orders.

Though done in collaboration, J.G. Biberkopf and DeForrest Brown, Jr. do not own any of the videos or concepts; the web platform consists instead of collected user impressions and spatial experiences, mostly captured by Drone, GoPro, iPhone camera footage and the human mind at the point of experience. The collection points towards the act of grasping at that which cannot be grasped, the effervescent material at the center of time, space and experience. There is a fugal arrest amidst overflow, a molecular mistake scaled upward and left unhinged...